Recruitment Assistance

A large number of leading national and multi-national organizations and corporations of diverse sectors depend on our well-equipped and well-experienced company for the human resources recruitment as we perennially delivered more than their expectations, both in terms of candidate quality and quality of service. Our magnificent company commands a large pool of erudite, expert, and experienced professionals of diverse fields, and has mellow experience in the human resource assistance and recruitment. Our nexus of national and international rapports helps us in making desired recruitments of the selected professionals of diverse fields, throughout the world. We have renowned caliber and long enriching experience to serve both the employers and the employees of all sectors, and at all stages of their careers and developments regarding the human resource recruitment, growth information, management, and betterment, and of course the lavish placement.

Candidate Search & Consultancy

The candidate search must be comprehensive enough to get desired number of competent professionals after the scrutiny of censorious interview s, by utilizing all possible channels easily accessible to majority of the candidates. A sufficiently long period of time must be given to the applicants for sending their revised and recent resumes. The candidate search & consultancy services regarding any department on behalf of diverse organizations are undertaken and completed punctually by us with utmost care and concern. The acquirement of suitable professionals is easily and conveniently completed by utilizing our large pool of erudite and experienced faculty and various online services. Our experienced organization in such jobs gives exclusive information and guidelines in the recruitment of employees for diverse departments. These things together make us one of the prominent and leading companies of India in the selection and placement sector.

Interview Facilities

Our large pool of faculty from diverse sectors with the help of company’s well-equipped facilities, has been carrying out elegant interview s for the selection of competent professionals, on behalf of renowned organizations of diverse sectors, located in different parts of the world. Both telephonic and in-house interview facilities are available. By dint of the erudite and expert faculty, mellowing long experience, and perennial commitment for the better quality, standards, and service. Our organization has devised ingenious and censorious interview processes which readily expose and reveal the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. So far, we have executed thousands of different interview s on behalf of numerous renowned organizations of private and public sectors, and settled the selected candidates promisingly and lavishly. Moreover, candidates at every stage of their career are also gratifyingly helped by our organization through offering elegant and exclusive online interview - guidelines and the career-growth counseling.

Personality Assessment

Our mellowing experience and exclusive expertise enable us to identify and decide readily the suitability of a candidate for any specific job. Our personality assessment processes and tests ingeniously and readily reveal the qualities, strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, helping us in deciding their temperament, suitability and competency for the specified job in the specified sector. The programs and online facilities regarding the personality assessment and personality development are easily, readily and cheaply available. SABINA TRAVELS undertake and conduct various tests and tasks necessary for the selection of most competent, circumspect, and perfect candidates for specified department and employing field. Quantitative and Aptitude Testing Quantitative tests determine the responses of a large group of candidates to a set of questions regarding preference. The quantitative testing allows the researcher to gain more data and information economically in a short period of time. But most important is the fact that this testing allows the researcher to ask the very specific questions, and thus enabling the researcher to pinpoint certain areas he or she would like to concentrate on. There are various tests conducted in the following four broadly classified areas, and these provide a clear indication of a candidate’s decision making abilities, time management skills, reasoning abilities, crisis management skills and so on.

* Problem Solving or Quantitative ability
* Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
* Logical & Analytical Reasoning
* Data Interpretation and data sufficiency


One of the leading organizations of India in the field of overseas placement, our company is duly competent and experienced enough for providing well-rounded Emigration services.
Our company by virtue of its resources, erudite and expert faculty, rapport with employers and employees, and experience & expertise, presents elegantly well-rounded emigration services, in connection with every department, employing sector, divers careers, growth prospects, and for lavish settlement anywhere in India and throughout the world. The emigration is often made in search of better jobs and pastures, but before effecting the emigration one must comprehensively analyze the pros and cons. In any case, we have elegant soft options and enlightening information and counsel.
Our well-connected company is well-equipped to support you extensively and gratifyingly in making the emigration most convenient, fast, and lavish. Visa Consultancy Our well-connected and experienced organization extends every kind of assistance and counseling regarding the Passport and Visa services, through facilitating emigration documents and visa clearance.
Complete information on financial matters and interview briefings concerning the Visa and Emigration, is available by financial and visa experts of our organization.
Our organization offers elegant and exclusive services for career consultancy, work permits, work visa, emigration clearance and jobs placements in India and in all developed and developing countries of the world. We exclusively also offer consultancy services for studying abroad in renowned universities--- providing visa counseling services, visa processing services, abroad education visa processing services and travel arrangement services for students.
In every business, people are the greatest & and the most important asset. Behind every successful vision, successful brand and successful service are the team of individuals who made it possible to deliver on the promise.
Since 1984, Ally International has been one of the pioneers in International Recruitment. With extensive experience under our belt, we are geared to locating the best candidates for our clients.
Ally International is strongly dedicated to giving your organization the human resources support that businesses require to achieve their vision. We emphasize on the quality of your employee mix as intently as you focus on your core business.